Tomas Sund, GQHP

My philosophy

Your mind is a treasure chest of potential. And everyone can learn new things, new behaviour. When you experience the change you are looking for, and know it's your new way of looking at the world, everything will change. Consequences have consequences.

The body-mind

It's all in your mind, they say. Where does your mind begin, and end? Everything is mind, it seems. When I'm talking to your stress, or that part of you that feels pain, it's still all mind. Or body... At the end of confusion there is always learning. In the meantime, enjoy it! 

Regular sessions

It is my goal to work with clients no more than a handful of times. Many of us are interested in continual improvement, and when you start changing little things in your life, bigger changes will occur, and then making it even easier for you to continue this journey on your own. Like an investment in your future, or a garden with flowers, it can continue to grow. Plant your garden with beauty and flowers that will live long healthy lives.