Siam Modern Hypnotherapy Society (SMHS)

Modern, Ethical, Practical, Efficient


Our members are highly qualified professionals who are dedicating their lives to making a difference, and as such, follow the charter of the SMHS, which is as follows:

1) SMHS members base their approach to working with a client on the fundamental principles of the Modern Hypnotherapy profession, which embraces the uniqueness, worth, dignity and equal rights of all human beings.

2) SMHS requires all its members to conduct their profession according to the following ethical principles, as described in or (as of Feb 2018)
and conduct themselves at all times in accord with their professional status and in such a way as neither undermines public confidence in the process or profession of hypnotherapy nor brings their professional body into disrepute.

3) SMHS requires its members to have completed a training of at least 300 hours, and be suitably experienced and licensed by an authoritative national body committed to maintaining standards, such as GHSC, IBH…

4) SMHS requires its members to endeavor to protect the public and the profession from unethical, unsafe or bad practice, or behavior. 

5) SMHS members are expected to maintain or improve their level of skills and professional competence on a regular basis, including:
Meetings with a colleague (or colleagues) to discuss, in confidence, ongoing cases and issues arising from them, and to work through any personal matters that might affect their own position or ability as practicing therapists; undertaking continuing training; employing auditing systems, such as client feedback forms as well as maintaining an awareness of research and developments within both hypnotherapy and other related fields.

This Charter is not a static document and may be amended from time to time in order to remain fully consistent with developments within the field of Modern Hypnotherapy.