The reasons Clients usually come to see me


Phobias and fears can severely limit the available choices you can make in your life. Hypnotherapy has been shown to be very effective in helping clients overcome their fears.


Can't fall asleep? Or, do you toss and turn and wake up feeling anything but refreshed? If you don't get sufficient sleep, your immune system as well as your mood invariably gets compromised.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress affects your health and your happiness. There are many ways you can minimise stress in your life. If it still feels like it gets too much, we can work on finding new ways together.

Pain Management

For pain management, I will teach you self-hypnosis, to help you minimise physical pain, and give you a powerful tool to use when you need it.

Personal Development

Improve your Athletic Performance, or  confidence for Public Speaking. 

Our Self-Confidence can fail us under pressure, but you can learn to relax in public, and let your strengths shine under pressure.

And many more...

Weight Loss, Asthma, IBS, 

stress-related acne / eczema

(just a few examples of issues that can be greatly improved through hypnotherapy)


* Disclaimer: Results may vary and cannot be guaranteed *